Music visualizers and space flight simulators for iOS and Android

Morphing Galaxy is reviewed in Appliv!

Ascent to transcendence is reviewed in Appliv.

Hypnotic Pulsator is reviewed in Appliv.

12/3 2016 Our brand new app Shapeshifter has been released. A crystal sculpture morphs into different shapes, while the room in the background is morphing too. 10 x morph effect included!

5/6 2016 The new visual effects "Alien transponder" and "Morphing lotus tunnel" have been added to Astral 3D FX Music Visualizer.

21/12 2015 It is now possible to mix the tunnels in Morphing Tunnels. Make your own mix of the tunnels just like a VJ (VideoJockey).

Screensavers and animated wallpaper for mobile phones

Welcome to browse our growing screensaver catalogue! We produce screensavers in C++, which are optimized for specific mobile models.These screensavers have as advanced visual effects as you can get on a mobile.

We also produce standard GIF screensavers. These are available for all mobile models and for all screensizes. Our screensavers are sold by various companies, for instance by AT&T . You can find our screensavers on AT&T's media mall if you search for "digital lotus".

C++ screensavers

Polar lotus screensaver

Digital lotus screensaver

GIF screensavers

Space animations


Space animations 2

3D screensavers

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