Music visualizers and space flight simulators for iOS and Android

25/11 2016 Space Music Visualizer is reviewed in Appliv!

23/11 2016 Fractal Tunnels Live Wallpaper is reviewed in Appliv.

21/11 2016 Astral 3D FX Music Visualizer is reviewed in Appliv!

10/10 2016 Our new app Cosmos Music Visualizer is released. A voyage through cosmos where music is visualized by stars and nebulas.

21/9 2016 Ascent to transcendence is reviewed in Appliv.

21/8 2016 Morphing Galaxy is reviewed in Appliv!

16/6 2016 Our new app Fractal Tunnels is released . Feel the fractals come alive inside the tunnels. Then experience them pulsate and change colors when they synchronize with your music.


Mobile Visuals is a division of the Javsym company, which was founded in May 2007 by its lead programmer Eyvind Almqvist. Javsym is a consulting company with customers like the Swedish pharmacy , Nackademin and Plushögskolan . Mobile Visuals is the part of of Javsym, which produces apps. The apps from Mobile Visuals got popular on the market in 2010, when Astral effects rised to #1 on SonyEricsson's sales chart for Java apps.

Our company is situated in Sweden's telecom centre Kista, in the northern part of Stockholm. Our business idea is to develop applications for mobile devices and to deliver consulting services. We are now focused on producing Android and iOS apps. We also produced Java/J2ME, Symbian and Blackberry apps during 2008-2012. Our apps are available on most appstores and they have been downloaded over 7 million times.

Our apps are music visualizers, Live wallpapers and space flight simulators. You can always use them to meditate and relax. This provides benefits for your mind, body and overall well-being.

We have very skilled consultants , who can work with Android, Java and iPhone development.

Contact us here if you need consultants for your project.

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