Music visualizers and space flight simulators for iOS and Android

6/5 2017 Our new app Tunnel 5D Journey is released. Connect with the infinite energy of the tunnels. Enhance the journey with the colorful music visualizer!

23/1 2017 Trance 5D Music Visualizer is released. Develop your light body, so you can experience more dimensions and degrees of freedom.

25/11 2016 Space Music Visualizer is reviewed in Appliv!

23/11 2016 Fractal Tunnels Live Wallpaper is reviewed in Appliv.

21/11 2016 Astral 3D FX Music Visualizer is reviewed in Appliv!

10/10 2016 Our new app Cosmos Music Visualizer is released. A voyage through cosmos where music is visualized by stars and nebulas.

Galactic journey - a 3d space game

Take a 3d journey through a world of supernovas, nebulas and black holes! The mission is to gather energy for your space ship, so you can continue your journey through the galaxy. You have to navigate carefully, so you don't get sucked into the black holes or hit by the dangerous radiation from the quasars and the pulsars. The stunning 3d graphics of the game is programmed with the groundbreaking OpenGL ES technology. Galactic journey is compatible with over 50 devices from Nokia, Samsung and LG. These devices are listed here . It will also soon be released for Windows mobile and Blackberry. Experience this cosmic journey in your mobile now!

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